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Strife Map03

Map of the Front Base

The Front Base is the third map of Strife. It is found beneath the ruins of the bombed-out Town Hall.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.

After completing Rowan's task in the beginning of the game, he gives you the communicator. When you first get it, Blackbird comes on and tells you about the current situation. After that, she tells you to head over to the old town hall, where The Front base is located. She tells you that the password is "I need gold" and that the guard Geoff needs the password. You do not have to tell Geoff anything, since there is a secret wall that opens up the same door he opens when you tell him the secret.

When you enter this place, head down the hallway and you will meet Macil. He will offer you a chance to fight with the rebels. You can refuse, but if you do, he and the rebels will begin to fire at you, killing you. Until you kill the Programmer, this is where you will get most of your objectives and missions from.

To the southwest of Macil is a passage to an elevator that leads to the rebel barracks. There is nothing here but some rebels hanging out and one of the secret stashes mentioned below. To the northwest of Macil is where you can shoot out at the firing range and get stamina and accuracy upgrades.

Walkthrough continued[]

Third mission: Destroy the Power Crystal[]

Visit the medic and weapons trainer (see above), then go to the Power Station.

Secret stashes[]

None officially tagged as such (in the 1996 edition), but:

  • In the north side of the elevator shaft to the Barracks (the left side as you enter) is a false wall you can step through. Note that in the 2014 edition, this is one of the secrets you must find to score the Completist achievement.
  • In the small storeroom you pass through when entering, from the entrance make a U-turn to the right around a crate and at the right end of the wall is a secret door. Another entrance to this secret corridor is between the two beige crates nearby.

Note that since you don't get the Silver Key until near the end of the assault on the Castle, so that your only chance to access the next two secrets is to make a detour back here before going after the Programmer, in this version of this map these two stashes are empty. They are mentioned for completeness.

  • Once you have the Silver Key, crossing either of a pair of trigger lines in this corridor will briefly open another; or you can open the other end, which is hidden behind the banner on the walkway north of Macil.
  • Once you have the Silver Key, there is a hidden door just east of the northwest corner (and one of the trigger lines) in this corridor.
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