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This level occupies the map slot MAP02. For other maps which occupies this slot, see Category:MAP02.

MAP02: Into The Moon, designed by Cyb, is the second map of MassMouth 2.


You start on the landing strip. Immediatly turn left and go to a staircase which leads to a teleporter. That teleporter takes you to a meeting room with two Ontra troopers. Kill them and eventually pick the stimpack on the table. Open the doors and deal with some Ontra guards (Ontras with shotguns). Open another door and go to a "mine-like" hallway which splits into different paths. Watch out, there are numerous Ontras, including Ontra officers (with machine guns), but there are multiple boxes of bullets and shells and medikits.

Look for an elevator (this shouldn't be too hard, the hallway is quite small) and flip the switch inside it to go up. When the elevator stops, get out of it, turn left and press a switch that raises pillars which lead to another landing strip. Deal with some Ontras and go to that landing strip. You will see a ship taking off and a stationnary ship. Go to the ship that's standing still and press the switch inside.

Now, a text screen appears. It tells you that according from the readings of your ship, the other ship that just took off is going to a planet named Bahl. Bahl is a planet MassMouth already visited in the previous game.


The secret is located in the second landing strip. Press 'Use' on all the walls and you will eventually open it. It is a room containing a megaarmor and "lollerskates" animations on the walls.