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This level occupies the map slot MAP01. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP01.

MAP01: Comeback is the first map of Plutonia 2. It was designed by Adolf Vojta (Gusta), and uses the music track "Pyrarinth" by James Paddock.


PL2 MAP01 map

Map of MAP01

Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Hit the skull switch south of the central area filled with sewage to open the doors after the first two stairs - one in the north (N) and south (S) resp. The route through the opened door to the south (S) leads to the Yellow Key. Enter the yellow door and hit the lion head switch which lowers the pillar with the Blue Key in the west (N) and grab it there. Flip the Blue Key Switch to raise the blue bars and enter the exit teleporter.

Other points of interest[]

A Backpack and a chainsaw can be found in the starting area; green armor after first door. After door (S) go up the stairs to the left for green armor. Raise the yellow bars in front of the SSG by flipping the Yellow Key Switch.


  1. Approaching the Berserk pack lowers the wall east of it, revealing two Troopers (HNTR or lower), Sergeants (HMP), or Chaingunners (UV or NM), and a Health bonus.
  2. Entering the door to the exit room (that becomes unlocked by using the blue switch) temporarily lowers the blue and yellow switch, revealing two pathways to the platforms where the Sergeants rested. Entering either one registers the secret. There are ten Armor bonuses on the northern platform and ten Health bonuses on the southern one.



Monsters ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM
Sergeants 8 10 10
Troopers 8 6 6
Chaingunners 3 5 9
Pain elementals 0 0 1
Demons 2 2 2
Imps 22 24 22
Cacodemons 2 3 3
Hell knights 1 1 2
Revenants 0 2 3
Mancubi 2 2 2
Lost souls 2 0 0
Weapons ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM
Chainsaws 1 1 1
Shotguns 1 1 0
Super shotguns 1 1 1
Ammunition ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM
Bullet boxes 1 1 1
Shells 8 8 8
Shell boxes 2 2 2
Powerups ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM
Backpacks 1 1 1
Berserks 1 1 1
Medikits 1 1 1
Stimpacks 7 7 7
Health bonuses 11 11 11
Green armors 2 2 2
Armor bonuses 14 14 14
Blue keycards 1 1 1
Yellow keycards 1 1 1
Barrels ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM
Exploding Barrels 2 2 2


  • Amongst possible names for this map during development were Coming Back to Life and Resurrection.