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The Lunar Outpost is a UAC controlled Earth base on the moon (though it may also refer to lunar research facility on Phobos as well[1]).


Parts of the base appears or is mentioned in several games including Doom II RPG, Doom 3 (Lunar Outpost, Lunar 1) and TNT: Evilution (Lunar Mining Project).

The three heroes of Doom II RPG, visit Lunar Outpost on the Moon of Earth. Later they are teleported from the Moon to East Coast Research Facility earth.

There was a radiation shielding leak on the Lunar Outpost that was more severe than first reports indicated.[2]

Central Senate commitee planned on cutting funding to the Lunar Outpost and several other offworld platforms.

Tranport T4315 was expected to arrive at Mars City installation on November 22nd at 06:00 MST from Lunar 1.[3]

Nobody wanted long tours of guard duty somewhere out there, whether it was one of the space stations, the moon, Mars, or any of the newer outposts being set up by the UAC.[4]

By 2163, the moon was destroyed shattered into several large fragments (most likely destroying the Lunar Outpost).[5]


Lunar Outpost, Moon

  • Lunar 1
  • Tycho Station
  • Cichus Base
  • Kepler Site
  • Lunar Mining Project


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