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A lump is any section of data within the structure of a WAD file, or a file containing such a portion of a WAD file. Each lump has a name (up to 8 characters), which is not necessarily unique. Lumps contain data such as:

Some lumps have specific reserved names. Examples of these are (from DOOM.WAD):


During development of the Doom games id Software created many of the contents of the IWADs as separate lumps which could be merged into the WAD files, or loaded separately. Using DeHackEd or a hex editor to read Doom's executable, it's possible to see development mode loading commands that read some data, such as TEXTURE1, directly from a lump file. Not long after the release of Doom's source code, the developers released the sources for the utilities with which they handled lumps and wads, including Lumpy, their lump merging tool.

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