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The Lost Soul is a flying demonic skull and a returning monster in DOOM. It first appears in Kadingir Sanctum.

In-Game Description[]


These demons are found wandering aimlessly within the temples of Hell as they search for a host to inhabit. When a potential victim is found, they will converge on the target and explode with a blast of Hell energy. Lesser-willed beings weakened by the explosion will then be possessed by the demon and the host's soul becomes lost in turn. Tablets revealed from the Corrax suggest the Lost Souls are considered the lowest of the demons- even lower than Imps. Since the wandering nomads, doomed to forever roam the Halls of Hell, thrive on the weakest entities, Lost Souls are despised by other demons. Despite their lowly status, they should not be underestimated.


The Lost Soul bears a very stylized rendition of its first appearance in the original Doom. Simply put, it is a large, flaming skull with red eyes and large horns. The only tissue that can be seen is within the Lost Soul's mouth, which also bears sharp, pointed teeth.

Combat characteristics[]

The Lost Soul has two stages. The Lost Soul will burn blue when calm and will float aimlessly around the area. When it spots the player, it will become aggressive and will burn red. In this stage, it will charge towards the player with great speed while letting out a high pitched shriek, similar to its attack in the original Doom. While charging, it will attempt to hit the player and explode, dealing great damage.

Tactical analysis[]

The Lost Soul is a very weak, but fast monster. It is wise to pick them off while they are in their calm stage, using the Pistol's charged energy shot as it saves ammunition and will usually kill the Lost Soul with one shot. Furthermore, the player should keep watch for any Lost Souls in the area, as they can easily spot the player without them realizing it and charge into the player before they can attack. Only one lost soul can attack at a time, which makes it a lot more easier to dispatch a group of Lost Souls. They are probably the most dangerous when they warp in during a firefight, as frequently the player does not have any idea from which direction they are coming from before they charge.


  • The Lost Soul in this game, unlike the original, uses a kamikaze attack and is therefore consumed after one attack.
  • They are the only enemy, other than the Specter, which cannot be Glory Killed.
    • Rather, if the player destroys the Lost Soul before it reaches the player, the flames in the Lost Soul go out, and it falls to the ground and drags along the ground for a few feet, like a landing airplane. Because it's destroyed rather than stunned, no Glory Kill is possible.
  • Lost Souls spawned in SnapMap will not attack other demons, whether through infighting or if they are spawned on different teams.