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Line of Sight is a core mechanic of Doom: The Boardgame. It represents weather or not a character can aim at another character. Laymanly, it determines if a figure can see another figure. It is not to be confused with cover.

Official Rules[]

Light of Sight is an abstract representation for what figures on the board can see. To preform an attack, the attacker must determine if the defender is within light of sight. Additionally, the must also determine if the defender has cover.

  • To determine line of sight, the attacker draws a straight imaginary line from any corner of their figure's space, to any corner of the defender figure's space.
    • If the line does not cross through a wall, blocking terrain, or door, the attacker has achieved line of sight with the defender.
    • If the line does cross with a wall, blocking terrain, or door, the attacker does not have line of sight.
  • Figures do not block line of sight.
  • Difficult Terrain and Impassable Terrain do no block line of sight.
  • Line of sight is not blocked if the line crosses a corner of a wall, blocking terrain, or door.
  • Line if sight is blocked when drawn through two adjacent corners of either a wall, blocking terrain, or a door.
  • Players can determine line of sight at any time, even when it is not their turn.