Lieutenant Weems is a character in the Doom novels by Dafydd Ab Hugh and Brad Linaweaver. Weems is the Lieutenant of Fox Company and in ways a villain or viewed as a villain even though he only appears at the beginning of Knee-Deep in the Dead.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow

Throughout his time in the Marines, Weems seemed to have been viewed in a negative light, clearly not being liked in the least by many, most noticeably Flynn Taggart and Arlene Sanders. In keeping with the original Doom storyline, Weems orders Fox Company to fire on unarmed monk civilians during a tense mission, and Flynn gets the idea that if Weems were somehow incapacitated, he wouldn't be able to go through on his command and Flynn could very well talk sense into a hesitant Gunny Goforth. As a result,Flynn punches Weems, but is unable to knock him unconscious. The monks are massacred, and Flynn is sent up to Phobos facing a court-martial (his choice) for assaulting a superior officer.

During this time, he is guarded by two lesser Marines, the "two Rons", in a mess hall when the invasion hits. Weems leads Fox Company on an investigation while Flynn listens in on a radio, but when communication ceases, he takes it upon himself to investigate, albeit in a more personal nature; Arlene , his best friend, left with Fox Company and, unsure of what exactly is attacking the base, he makes it his mission to find her.

In doing so, Flynn finds himself on Deimos , reunites with Arlene , and blazes through the small moon to the hyperspace tunnel. Upon entering, they find themselves in a place that appears to be E3M1: Hell Keep, wherein they find the lifeless body of Weems on the floor, his body covered with imp claw wounds, his head fused with Yoshida, another member of Fox and the only other female Marine in the outfit outside of Arlene and "Dude" Dardier, and with pistols in their mouths (the proof of an obvious suicide pact). Strangely enough, as Flynn, Arlene, and later Bill Ritch, continue through Deimos, they end up in an area based on E3M9: Warrens, where another version of Weems and Yoshida are seen.

Weems is not mentioned again the rest of the series outside of the occasional mention or flashback.

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