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Ledges is a series of single-level PWADs designed by Mark K. Gresbach Jr. They were very popular among deathmatch players in the early days of Doom modding.

Each map replaces E1M1, and all share the same general architectural concept: an open central chamber, mostly unoccupied, surrounded by various tunnels and staircases containing weapons and powerups.


Ledges 1 population

There are enough monsters to irritate you, but not enough to get in the way

Ledges (LEDGES.WAD) was released April 20, 1994. A revised version for -altdeath mode (LEDGESI.WAD) followed on August 16. The map appeared in Maximum Doom as LEDGES.WAD, LEDGESI.WAD, LEDGES2.WAD, E3M2 of RALPHNEW.WAD, MAP07 of BONSAI2.WAD, MAP01 of DM2PAK#1.WAD, MAP01 of DTH2PCOM.WAD, MAP14 of PIMP.WAD, and MAP11 of WADFTHR.WAD.

This level has a techbase set design, and a circular hub containing mostly armor pickups. All the weapons are present, although ammo for the smaller ones is far more common. The altdeath version removes a lot of zombiemen, varies a few ceiling heights, and decorates most of the outer rooms with "castle brick" textures.

Ledges 2[]

Ledges 2 hub with wood

The weapon locations seem a little less obvious this time

Ledges 2 (LEDGES2.WAD) was released May 14, 1994. A revised version for -altdeath mode (LEDGES2I.WAD) followed on August 16. The map appeared in Maximum Doom as LEDGES2.WAD, LEDGES2I.WAD (twice), LEDGES22.WAD, MAP17 of DTH2PCOM.WAD, and MAP08 of WADPAK22.WAD.

This level has a very similar circular blueprint to Ledges, with many platforms made of wood rather than concrete. The initial population is mostly cacodemons, and two teleporters are present. The altdeath version replaces a supercharge with the BFG.

Ledges 3[]

Ledges 3 RL and stairs

Leave this ledge judiciously, because only a few paths lead all the way back up

Ledges 3 (LEDGES3.WAD) was released June 6, 1994. A revised version for -altdeath mode (LEDGES3I.WAD) followed on August 16. The map appeared in Maximum Doom as LEDGES3.WAD, LEDGES3I.WAD, LEDGES32.WAD, MAP11 of DM2PAK#1.WAD, MAP11 of DTH2PCOM.WAD, MAP25 of FRGFSTII.WAD, and MAP25 of WADFTHR.WAD.

This level is generally square, with a single high ledge encircling the central area, which is divided in two by a stone wall. Numerous spectres patrol the ledge, and beneficial items are mostly located in corners of the main arena, not in separate chambers or passages outside it. The altdeath version removes most of the ammo and health, and adds a second invulnerability.

Ledges 4[]

Ledges 4 panorama

Eight lifts rise and fall together, so you cannot quite tell where your opponent is

Ledges 4 (LEDGES4I.WAD) was released September 8, 1994. The map appeared in Maximum Doom as LEDGES4I.WAD, E3M7 of RALPHNEW.WAD, MAP25 of PIMP.WAD, MAP23 of R.WAD, and MAP23 of RALPHII.WAD.

This level has an irregularly shaped boundary, with one wide ledge around most of its perimeter, and is largely decorated in concrete. The supplies, many of which are only helmets and potions, now lie exclusively on platforms in the central area, and are reached by lifts, teleports, or adroit jumps from the ledge.

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