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"Hey, you. Can you help me? I'm trapped in here. Release the door locks and get me out."
― Larry Kaczynski, upon requesting the Marine to free him  [src]

Larry Kaczynski (Identification Number: 3492-40) is a minor character in Doom 3. A chief researcher assigned to Sector 4 of the Alpha Labs, he ended up being trapped in a chamber as a result of a power failure when the demonic invasion began. This, however, saved Kaczynski from instant death, but also left him oblivious to what is going on around him.

Doom 3[]

When the player meets Kaczynski, he will request them to unlock the doors. The player is given the choice of either freeing Kaczynski, or activating the chamber with him inside.

To Be or Not to Be[]

If the player chooses to activate the chamber, Kaczynski will be gruesomely killed by being "processed" in the machine, causing two Z-Secs to spawn. All that will remain of Kaczynski is his blood-soaked skeleton. As a result, Kaczynski's office will be locked. This is perhaps to punish the player for killing Kaczynski.

If the player chooses to free him, Kaczynski will access his nearby office, standing by the entrance and holding his PDA. He will thank the player before explaining to them about the prior predicament he was in. Having no idea what the issues with the systems are, Kaczynski attempts to establish an uplink from his secure terminal to hopefully gain a connection. The player can collect weapons, ammo, a video disk, and Michael Abrams' PDA in his office. Kaczynski will then choose to remain locked in his office for his safety, while attempting to fix the system issues.


If freed, his fate is ultimately unknown, but he most likely perished along with the rest of Mars Base, as the intro to Resurrection of Evil states the Marine was the only known survivor of Hell's invasion. However, if he stayed in his office and kept the door locked, he might have survived long enough to be rescued.

PDA contents[]


Chamber Calibration (11-1-2145)[]

Dr. Kaczynski,

I checked the chamber calibration as you requested, and at first found everything to be within acceptable limits. As I was leaving the chamber though, I started to hear a low whispering sound that seemed to be eminating from the main coupler. Though when I stooped down for a closer look the sound stopped. This happened every time I was leaving the chamber. You may want to check into this matter yourself as I can't seem to pinpoint the source of the sound. As far as everything else is concerned, it all seems to check out. All graphs are running at 2.4 or higher so I don't foresee any other problems.

David Carter

Hello (11-9-2145)[]

Good Day

I am DR.John Okonkwo. Civil Servant in the Ministry of Health. I know this proposal will come to you as a surprise because we have not met before either physically or through correspondence. I got your contact from our chamber of commerce here in Nigeria and have no doubt in your ability to handle this proposal involving huge sum of money. My father Chief Isama OKONKWO. (Now Late) was the Royal Head of my community, ELEME (an oil rich town) in Nigeria. My community produces 5.8% of the total crude oil production in Nigeria and 0.5% of the Dollar value of each barrel is paid to my father as royalty by the Federal Government. My father was also the Chairman of ISAMA Special Oil Trust Fund. In his position as the Royal head and Chairman of the Oil Trust Fund, he made some money which he left for me as the only heir to inherit.

The money is Eighteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars(US$18.5). This Money originated from the accumulated royalties between 1976-1998. Due to poor banking system in Nigeria and political instability as a result of past Military rules (1985-1999) , he deposited this Money in a Strong Room/VAULTS with an open beneficiary in a security company pending when he would finish arrangement to transfer it abroad. He was planning this when he died late last year of Heart Attack.

Just before my father died he called my attention to the money and charged me to look for a foreigner who would assist me in the transfer/investment of the funds abroad. So I would be very grateful if you could accept to help me achieve this great objective. I promise to give you 25% of the total funds transferred to your vital bank account as compensation for your assistance. Five percent (5%)has been set aside to take care of all expenses we may incur during the transaction. To indicate your interest, contact me urgently and confidentially for more information and the roles you will play in this business.

All the legal Documents concerning this Money will be sent to you as soon as we agreed together. Please I will appreciate that you send your telephone/fax numbers to enable me contact you immediately for discussions.

Yours faithfully,

John Okonkwo


  • It's possible to shoot Larry and pick up his PDA to read an e-mail about chamber calibration and a possible email scam. However, killing him by activating the chamber will not cause a PDA to drop, possibly due to the device getting squashed along with its owner.
    • The email, allegedly from an official in Nigeria asking for his help, is a spoof of the Nigerian email scams.
  • In the BFG Edition, activating the chamber with Kaczynski inside will unlock the "To Be or Not to Be" Trophy/Achievement.
  • It's likely Abrams is one of the Z-Secs that spawn if the player activates the chamber. Abrams was a Mars-Sec chief from the Delta Labs, who arrived at Alpha Labs prior to the invasion to fix the system issues that Kaczynski is also suffering from. Based on where his PDA was found, Abrams was probably in Kaczynski's office to free him from the chamber by restoring the systems, but ultimately turned into a Z-Sec once the invasion began.
    • It's interesting to note that the Z-Secs will not spawn if the player chooses to free Kaczynski.
  • Kaczynski's death by the player is similar to Pierce Rogers, as it will cause an enemy to spawn in to punish them for their actions.
  • The option to kill him by activating the chamber is somewhat famous because he's the only human who can be killed without using any weapons.
  • You can activate the chamber and quickly cancel it, giving Kaczynski quite a scare.
  • By a bizarre glitch, if one activates the chamber and rushes to the door containing Kaczynski's skeleton, you can interact with it as an NPC. Apparently, the game recognizes it as a "Joe" and it can be killed.

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