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Kyle C. Berger (Identification Number: 7861-84) is a mentioned character in Doom 3. A research supervisor assigned to Sector 1 of the Alpha Labs on Mars, he supervised the Elemental Phase Deconstructor and reported on a fatal accident involving it.

PDA contents[]

Audio Logs[]

EPD Accident[]

Audio log for Kyle Berger, research supervisor for the EPD Project.

The, um, the Elemental Phase Deconstructor is fully operation and the research data we have gathered so far is very impressive. Unfortunately, we had a terrible accident last week. Research assistant Patterson was calibrating one of the quark emitters in the chamber and witnesses say he appeared to see something, almost like something was talking to him, and, uh, he backed right into the particle beam. It was not a pretty sight, as it took off the backside of his head. He lived a few minutes, although I'm not sure you could consider that living, but they say his eyes rolled back and forth and he was trying to talk, although, after losing that much brain matter, I'm sure it was just reflex actions. Anyway, due to this, I have enacted new safety protocols in the lab, and we have stocked one of the storage cabinets with emergency medical supplies. The code for the cabinet is 752.

End of log.


EPD status (11-04-2145)[]

Dr. Berger,

Everything is going exceptionally well as we prepare the EPD for its next round of tests. Roy Patterson is setting up the baseline now and we should be able to start testing later this afternoon. If your schedule allows please feel free to join us down here in the lab around 2:00. Should be exciting!

Bill Landow

EPD Collection Chamber status (11-10-2145)[]

Dr. Kyle Berger,

The maintenance team has just finished cleaning the EPD collection chamber. All bio matter has been scrubbed from the area. Deep scan also confirms a clean sector as per your request. 14 collection cones and 5 trays have also been replaced. Please be sure to stop by Maintenance as we will need your signature for the parts requisition forms.

Thank You,
UAC Maintenance