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Major Kira Morgan is a Marine commander and one of the three possible characters to choose from in Doom II RPG.


Kira is the major of a the marine team who are commissioned to investigate the UAC base on the Moon. Sergeant Stan Blazkowicz was her deputy in the team. In order to quickly reach the Moon, a ship of the rookie scientist Riley O'Connor was commandeered by the Marines. The Scientist was not a planned member of the expedition. They reached the Moon along with the rookie scientist sent to the installation of UAC on the Moon where invasion had occurred by demons from Hell. She, Sergeant Blazkowicz and Dr. O'Connor try to trace the origin of the invasion and find a way of stopping it.

Depending on which character you choose, the other two come with Caldex to participate in their own way through the base.

Personality and traits[]

The Major is the one in command at the beginning she is the one issuing out orders and talking the most. She will mention that someone has to stay behind in order to contact surviving crew on their dropship. If she decides to go stay, she gets to the point and orders the other two to stay with Caldex. If Stan or Riley remain back, she will give them a few more orders before leaving. They remain silent during the conversation.

Titles and nicknames[]

  • Major
  • Maelstrom

Behind the scenes[]

If you choose Sargeant Blazcowicz, he continuously tries to get into contact with the Major, as she is his superior. He goes by the codename Cigar, and uses a number of codenames for her.

Kira Morgan is probably inspired by Crash from Quake Arena games.