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Katherine Anna Kang (born 15th December, 1970) is a businesswoman, founder of Fountainhead Entertainment, former id Software employee, and the wife of John Carmack.


Kang worked as the Director of Business Development for id Software. During this time she worked on Quake III Arena, along with various mission packs and Quake II ports.

Kang founded Fountainhead Entertainment in 2000 and operated as its CEO during this time. She also produced and designed a number of mobile games, including Doom RPG and the Orcs & Elves games.

She returned to id Software in 2008 and took on the role of President of id Mobile. In this time period, she produced Wolfenstein RPG, Doom II RPG and Doom Resurrection. By 2013, she had left the company once again.

Kang met Carmack after visiting him with a friend during QuakeCon 1996. They married on 5th January 2000 and their son Christopher Ryan was born at 12:50pm on August 13, 2004. Their second child was born in November 2009.

She is also the co-founder of Armadillo Aerospace, with her husband.