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Kate Stone, currently known as Pink Silver (who comes under a surprising number of unusual aliases on IRC and elsewhere, changing between them nearly constantly for reasons known only to herself), is a mapper and modder that has come into the community primarily through the discovery of the ZDoom source port in the end of 2002. Ever since, she's been a frequent forum user there, and has programmed a few contributions to the port, the most prominent of these is A_LookEx, a modification to the sight check code that allows customized behavior for monsters like maximum and minimum sight distances, a maximum hearing distance, a custom alert state, and the ability to make monsters blind or completely deaf (not to be confused with the AMBUSH level flag behavior, which is different).

Her flagship project is Dimension LXXII, which has spurred her to create a specially crafted GZDoom-derivative source port for it, PyDoom, which utilizes Python as a scripting language to glue the project together with ease.

She has also helped out with multiplayer testing (and scripting for E1M9) of Knee-Deep in ZDoom, long before its ultimately delayed release.

She excels at programming in interpreted, very high-level scripting languages like Ruby and the aformentioned Python, and tinkers with ZDoom's ACS from time to time.