Kai-Uwe Humpert (born almost exactly 20 years before the release of Doom) is a German Doomer. Kai started to play Doom shortly after its release back in 1993. His first mission was to not be severely injured by those extremely fast imp fireballs and to reach the first map's exit alive. This succeeded far better after somebody discovered and showed the first trick: shoot a barrel first and kill the hidden sergeant.

Several months of exercise followed, followed by the first deathmatches over local IPX networks with hardware improving from a DX2/50 to a DX4/100 followed by the first Pentium - which was finally good enough to provide a decent frame rate even when hitting with a BFG9000 blast. Doom II was released. A first demo showed up, a successful run through Tricks and Traps which showed that there was a record feature.

At this time (back in 1997), Sven Huth (Dasa) found Simon Widlake who collected demos. He had discovered Compet-n, which Dasa continued to contribute to sporadically and Kai a lot. After some more nightly deathmatch sessions, they recorded a full 30 level coop run (with almost all monsters killed and only one late suicide). Kai was also member of the team to create demos for TNT, Plutonia and Hell Revealed. Kai's most favorite maps are E3M9 and Baron's Lair.