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Josh "EarthQuake" Simpson is an active member of the Doom community since mid 2003. He is most notable within the ZDaemon community as a forum moderator and IRC channel operator, but more so as a WAD author.

Josh started playing Doom in 1993 and has been creating WADs since late 1997 with over 30 released WADs. He is also known for his DeHackEd work and WADs revolving around unique gameplay concepts. Perhaps his most notable contribution was to the ZDaemon CTF series, where he co-authored with several mappers, donated three of his own maps, and even led the project for some time after Alex "AlexMax" Mayfield resigned from his position. He is considered one of the most controversial mappers of the time, as much of his work is dubbed "love or hate" because the WADs are meant to appeal to only a small audience.

Currently, he is working on, a personal repository for his works and many other Doom-related articles and tutorials. The site was in operation from 2000 to 2003, but underwent a change in design that set the site inactive. Doomvault is once again under construction and may be fully operational by early 2008.

Although a member of the clan Unidoom, Josh remains somewhat inactive as compared with his fellow members, but still manages to participate in ZDaemon affairs.

WAD Contributions[]

ZDaemon CTF

  • "Sanguinary Longshot" (MAP14 of zdctfmp2.wad)
  • "UAC Headquarters" (MAP19 of zdctfmp2.wad, co-authored with Johnathan "SirTimberwolf" Enright)
  • "Crawl Space" (MAP24 of zdctfmp3-.wad)
  • "Rites of Passage" (MAP28 of zdctfmp3-.wad)
  • "Under Siege" (MAP29 of zdctfmp3-.wad, co-authored with Stephen "The Ultimate DooMer" Clark)

Toke It Up!

  • MAP15 (Co-authored)

Unidoom Deathmatch 3

  • MAP16 (Co-authored)

Complete WADs[]

  • Afterhours, a 3-level Deathmatch mepset.
  • Instamush, a modification that makes all players' attacks gib opponents instantly.
  • The p0x Express, a Deathmatch map showcasing realistic movement via scrolling textures.
  • Rara Avis, a 3-level Deathmatch mapset for Heretic.
  • The Sewers of Death, a surival-style cooperative map for vanilla Doom.
  • Terraces, a 1-on-1 Deathmatch map.
  • Z-Derby, a Doom racing modification.

...and many other older WADs going all the way back to 1997.

Incomplete WADs[]

  • Doompark, a full-fledged multiplayer amusement park.
  • Imp Rush, a 10-level modification that lets the player hunt fleeing imps.
  • Rocket Space Jumping, a popular large-scale rocket jumping modification.
  • Sinflux, an ambitious survival-style cooperative mapset.
  • The Spirit of CTF, a Capture the Flag mapset featuring all of Josh's CTF maps.