Jon "JonnyFive" Washburn (formerly GrayLancer) is a Doomer from the United States who was active in the Doom editing community from 2001 - 2004, left for several years, and re-entered the editing community in 2008.

Although Washburn began work on several projects in 1997 - 2002, his primary work has been on his partial/total conversion Cold as Hell, which was originally released in late 2004. The project gained some infamy for several serious bugs and performance flaws which were not addressed after release due to the author's sudden withdrawal from the editing community.

In 2008, Washburn posted on the ZDoom forums indicating he intended to revise and update Cold as Hell1. Additionally, he began to work on a series of special effects intended primarily for ZDoom and GZDoom users.

After announcing Dead Rain, sequel to Cold As Hell, Jon Washburn once again disappeared from the community. He was last active on the ZDoom Forums in early 2009.

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