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Jon "Teppic" Dowland is a Doomer who's community contributions started with Doom Legacy mods and moved onto Freedoom, the Doom Wiki and PrBoom.

Brief history[]

He was first involved in the Doom community in around 1997 after he read about Doom Legacy in a magazine. Through a link on Doomworld he was introduced to IRC and #doomroom.


Most of his work in the late nineties was centred around Doom Legacy. He befriended Gokuma and Ebola, and was involved in a lot of play testing and experimenting with ideas.

He released very little publicly, with the notable exception of smallfun2, a special-effects level demonstrating some effects possible in Legacy, such as coronas, rays of light, lifts on top of other lifts, and others.


SMMU Console backdrop


rays of light in smallfun2

Later, he was one of the first people to help beta-test TCP/IP based multiplayer with Legacy and csDoom.

He designed SMMU's console background picture, by Fraggle's request.

In September 2000, he released his first play-oriented level, Lift Tension, which was part of the Doomworld 10 Sectors megawad.

He also contributed textures to the Nimrod partial conversion (2002) for Doom Legacy.

Until May 2008, he co-maintained the Freedoomproject alongside Fraggle, contributing texture-patches, levels, sounds, the current website design and various bits of the build infrastructure.


Nowadays his involvement in the Doom community is mostly confined to maintaining various Doom-related packages in Debian GNU/Linux. He is also writing some small bits of code for PrBoom.

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