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is a megawad for Doom II being worked on by James Paddock (Jimmy), set to be released in mid-2011.
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Screenshot of MAP06: Radioactive Ocean from Jenesis, Part 1.

Concept and development

Jenesis' goal is to retain the classic feel of not just the original Doom and Final Doom games, but that of popular megawads like the [[Memento

Mori]] duology, Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta, Requiem and Scythe, and often to mesh these themes together to create nostalgic yet modern-

looking maps.

Other PWADs whose aesthetic and gameplay styles are to be imitated in Jenesis include Scientist 2, Demon Eclipse and Whispers of Satan.

The maps are also being speedmapped, with a view to getting them done in the shortest amount of time possible. The author decided this

would be a good way of exercising his single-player mapping skills, and of actually making sure something he started actually got done.

The project was started during Vela Pax's development, with Brett Harrell (Mechadon), its creator (and leader of the Supplice project), being

one of the beta testers for Jenesis. Both Vela Pax and Jenesis were started by their creators to serve as a warm-up exercise before the mapping phase of

Supplice began - a project which is to be a fairly large-scale megawad led by Mechadon, and is to sport lots of original content.


Jenesis is to be released in three stages:

  • Part 1 will contain 11 maps.
  • Part 2 will contain 20 maps, adding 9 new ones and a new final map. The other maps will also be modified wherever improvement is needed.
  • Part 3 will contain 32 maps - adding 10 maps onto Part 2, plus two secret maps, and another new final map. Again, all the maps will be subject to

modification where applicable. Part 1, subtitled "Descent", was mapped between 23 and 31 October 2010. After an extensive testing period, it was officially released to [[Idgames

archive|/idgames]] on 24 January 2011.

Part 2, subtitled "Beyond", was started on 17 December 2010. It was released to /idgames, after much testing, tweaking and procrastinating, on 3 May 2011.

Part 3's mapping began on 9 April 2011. As it will be the 32-map edition of the megawad, it will be considered the final release, and will be uploaded to

/idgames as Jenesis.


Jimmy is currently debating whether or not a sequel will be made. The likelihood is that its development will have to take place throughout 2012, possibly

overlapping the mapping phase of Supplice, which is somewhat inconvenient. Jimmy also aims to release Blocks of Doom II before 2012, so the

development of a sequel will most likely have to be withheld until both projects are completed.

Jimmy has also considered compiling every competitive multiplayer-oriented speedmap he did for the Skulltag community's organized speedmapping sessions,

and releasing the finished product under the name "Jenocide DM". This will likely be his next solo project and will be done soon after Jenesis's full



Part 1:

  • MAP01: Treatment Plant
  • MAP02: The Garden Terminal II
  • MAP03: The Oasis Facility
  • MAP04: Submerged Refinery
  • MAP05: Waystation
  • MAP06: Radioactive Ocean
  • MAP07: Dead Center
  • MAP08: Into the Gate
  • MAP09: The Atrium
  • MAP10: The Savage Abyss
  • MAP11: Putrid Cathedral

Part 2:

  • MAP01: Treatment Plant
  • MAP02: The Canal*
  • MAP03: The Oasis Facility
  • MAP04: The Garden Terminal II**
  • MAP05: Submerged Refinery
  • MAP06: Waystation
  • MAP07: Dead Center
  • MAP08: Plunge*
  • MAP09: Devil's Industry*
  • MAP10: Highway of Destruction*
  • MAP11: Transporter Station*
  • MAP12: Poisoned Ocean**
  • MAP13: Alchemy*
  • MAP14: Into the Gate
  • MAP15: The Other Side*
  • MAP16: The Atrium
  • MAP17: Hades' Wall*
  • MAP18: The Savage Abyss
  • MAP19: The Vulcanum*
  • MAP20: Nexus

(*) New to Part 2.
(**) Map relocated to earlier or later slot


This is the soundtrack for the megawad in its current form of release (Part 2). A full, entirely original soundtrack is planned.

  • MAP01: "Into the Fire" by Nick George (Theshooter7) and 'War and Glory'
  • MAP02: "River" by Stuart Rynn (stewboy)
  • MAP03: "Under the Waves" by James Paddock and 'Pendulum'
  • MAP04: "CCCool" by Lee Jackson
  • MAP05: "Rusty Bridge" by David Shaw (Tolwyn)
  • MAP06: "Pistons" by James Paddock
  • MAP07: "World Tournament II" by Jay Reichard (Zora)
  • MAP08: "Sewer Chase" by Stuart Rynn (stewboy)
  • MAP09: "Crush" by James Paddock and 'Pendulum'
  • MAP10: "Liar" by Yngwie Malmsteen
  • MAP11: "Zerpentine" by Bobby Prince
  • MAP12: "Pathogen" by James Paddock
  • MAP13: "Voyage I (Edit)" by James Paddock
  • MAP14: "Duke's Domain" by Jenna Ramsey
  • MAP15: "Deevine" by Xaser
  • MAP16: "Distant Tranquility" by James Paddock
  • MAP17: "Sunset Over Babylon" by James Paddock
  • MAP18: "Song in the Key of TNT" by Jamie Robertson
  • MAP19: "Fallen" by Simone Mularoni and 'Symphony X'
  • MAP20: "Moonlight Bloodbath" by Henri Vuortenvirta (Icytux)

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