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Jekkad is a realm mentioned in The Ancient Gods - Part One and The Ancient Gods - Part Two. Originally created and ruled by Davoth, it was sealed from other dimensions after its denizens became a threat to all of creation in their pursuit of immortality. Jekkad was later corrupted and became Hell.


Jekkad was the first world that came to existence and it prospered under its immortal ruler Davoth. Jekkad's people were mortal in which Davoth sought to eliminate death from his world and bring immortality to his people.

Davoth's efforts led to his creation of the Maykr race to use their machine minds to find the solution. When the Maykrs discovered the secret of immortality they deemed the knowledge too dangerous to share, and they judged Davoth to be an eventual threat to all life.

The Maykrs sealed Davoth and Jekkad from all other realms and stole his power of creation. Davoth was enraged by the Maykrs' betrayal, and his fury consumed Jekkad, transforming it into Hell.[1]