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Jeffery R. Moen (Identification Number: 8492-13) was a pump specialist assigned to Sector 2 of the Recycling Plant on Mars.

PDA contents[]


Pump Malfunction (11-04-2145)[]

The main waste processing unit here in Sector 1 is running at a higher pressure level than it was rated for. I'm very concerned about the stability of the whole system. One fault or stress fracture in any of the lines could cause doom for the whole mechanism. This processing system here was never designed to process that much waste but they keep shipping it too us.
We urgently need a new pump here before this one fails.

Thank You,

Toxic Waste Storage (11-09-2145)[]

Mr. Moen,

It is very important that you remember to store toxic waste barrels in their proper location. Having volatile substances so close to where people work is very dangerous, especially around doorways and narrow passages. If one of those barrels exploded it could cause a lot of damage and someone might be seriously hurt, or worse - killed! Please address this problem immediately!