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Jack T. Smith (Identification Number: 1538-49) was a benefits analyst assigned to Sector 1 of the Alpha Labs on Mars. He went through a heap of accident reports, stating that one particular incident involved a machine turning on by itself without a power source and caused injury.

PDA contents[]

Audio Logs[]

HR Incident Report[]

Audio log for Jack Smith, benefits analyst in HR, 10/24, 2145.

I just went through another batch of accident reports from the science team. We've had five more people hurt this week while working with the equipment. The most serious incident was one John Hughes, whose hand was caught in one if the plastic extrusion systems. He was performing maintenance on it and states that he unplugged it and had the safety key in his pocket. It managed to activate without an apparent power source and, uh, shredded his arm up to the elbow before someone got him out. It's been reported that the, uh, machine is still running and we can't shut it down. The cost on that incident alone is enough to raise the red flag but this is just one in a pile. Uh, we're going to overrun our budget on benefits payout this quarter. And while it's not department, I have to assume that the new equipment budget is going to be blown out as well because, according to these reports, the equipment's breaking down on a daily basis. Please mark this for review at Corporate.

End of log.


New Safety Protocols (11-11-2145)[]

Mr. Smith,

In light of the recent increase of work-related accidents in the Alpha Labs, we feel it is necessary to implement a buddy system when routine maintenance is being performed on some of the heavier equipment. We feel this should cut down on some of the claims being filed in your department. Please get back to me if you have any other ideas on how to keep Alpha Labs as safe as it can be.

Thank You,
Brian Jenkins
Safety Coordinator

Buddy system?! (11-13-2145)[]

Please tell me UAC Corporate is kidding. How the hell is a buddy system going to do anything with accident claims except double them? Tell me how a buddy system would have prevented Joe 'TorsoBoy' Moss from having his arms and legs hacked off by the Albuquerck Capacitator? Maybe his buddy would have heard the thing growl and engage without power or a CRF module? Maybe his buddy's hair would have burst into flames instead and saved us the trouble of needing to run and find water to put him out.

Next thing they'll do is try to fix the problem by having us fill out more MAR forms or reforecast our ODF.