"The lights are all out. I'll lead you through here if you can get me off this base."
― J. Edwards to the Marine [src]

J. Edwards was a scientist assigned to Sector 2 of the Alpha Labs on Mars. He was one of the few UAC personnel to survive the initial demon invasion. The player first sees him on a security camera and later meets up with him in person. He had a lantern.

When the player meets J. Edwards in Doom 3, he tells the player to not shoot, and states that he can help him. He further states that the lights in the base are out, and that, in exchange for helping him get off the Mars base, he will lead the player through the darkened passageways.

As Edwards begins moving through the dark with only his lantern to light the way, he explains that electromagnetic pulses were what disabled the lights, as well as all other electrical systems, and warns the player that a big pulse could disable his lantern. Despite several attacks by Imps and Maggots, the duo manage to make it through the pitch black to the exit. Just before they reach the exit, however, the duo are attacked by a large number of Imps; Edwards is killed in the attack.


  • Even if you rush ahead and kill the attacking Imps before they reach Edwards, his death will still be triggered as it is a scripted event (he will suddenly keel over and die).
  • Edwards can be killed prematurely if you are not careful. The monsters will usually focus on you, rather than him, but a single hit from a stray fireball will kill him. You can still use your flashlight to go through the dark area but, due to the fact that you can't shoot and light up areas at the same time, it's best to keep Edwards alive as he can help light the area, allowing you to fight enemies in the dark.
  • If noclip is used to lift Edwards ("g_dragEntity 1") in the moment that he must die and lower him, then he will not die, even though the cry is heard, but he will not continue and not climb the ladder. If you try to talk to him, he will say "We cannot stop".
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