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Items is a level in Doom RPG.

Doom RPG Items (level)

Map of the items level


The "items" map consists of a large rectangular room which contains every powerup in the game, along with several crates and exploding barrels. There is no exit, and the level can only be reached using the cheats. It was likely created as an aid to the developers during the creation of the game.

Items Map Contents[]

  • Specials: 7 Dog Collars, 5 Soul Spheres, 5 Berserks.
  • Credits: 4 UAC Credits (Regular), 16 UAC Credits (Gold).
  • Armor: 2 Combat Suits, 2 Flak Jackets, 6 Armor Shards.
  • Keys: Yellow Keycard, Green Keycard, Blue Keycard, Red Keycard.
  • Health: 8 Health Vials.
  • Weapons: Axe, Fire Extinguisher, Shotgun, Chaingun, Super Shotgun, Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher, BFG 9000.
  • Medicine: 10 Small Medkits, 10 Large Medkits.
  • Ammunition: 3 Halon Cans, 7 Halon Can Packs, 3 Bullet Clips, 7 Bullet Clip Packs, 2 Shell Clips, 8 Shell Clip Packs, 2 Rockets, 8 Rocket Packs, 2 Cell Clips, 8 Cell Clip Packs.
  • Other: 5 Explosive Barrels, 8 Crates, Fire, Lava.

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