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For the hidden level in Doom RPG, see Items (Doom RPG map).
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An item is any thing that may be picked up by a player, such as ammunition, weapons, armors, keys, special gear or powerups, and bonuses from the Doom universe.

Doom games[]

The items flagged with a percent sign (%) count toward the ITEMS percentage displayed on the intermission screen. Items flagged with a number sign (#) are always picked by the player when passed over, even when not needed. Items marked with a superscript 2 (2) are available only in Doom II and derivatives.


Health granting items add exclusively to the player's health percentage, as indicated on the status bar. These percentage points count as hit points against damage.

Item Manual name Flags Health Maximum
Health bonus Health potion %# +1% 1000%
Stimpack +10% 100%
Medikit +25% 100%
Supercharge Soul sphere %# +100% 1000%
See also: Berserk, megasphere (below)


Armor granting items add exclusively to the player's armor percentage, as indicated on the status bar. These percentage points count as hit points against damage, substituting damage to health to a degree according to the type of armor currently worn by the player.

Item Manual name Flags Armor Maximum Protection
Armor bonus Spiritual armor %# +1% 200% 1/3 (1/2)
Armor Security armor 100% 100% 1/3
Megaarmor Combat armor 200% 200% 1/2
See also: Megasphere (below)

The protection of armor bonuses is 1/2 if the last suit of armor picked up was a megaarmor. A megasphere will also have this effect.


Each powerup is a miscellaneous item that grants unique or combined powers or capacities to the player. The manuals call the mundane ones power-ups and the more alien ones artifacts (but also include certain health and armor granting items under this denomination).

Powerup Manual name Flags Screen Power Duration
Backpack # ×2 ammo capacity Levels set
Berserk Berserk pack %# Palettes 3 and 2 (red) 100% health, ×10 fist damage Level
Computer area map Computer map % Draws unvisited level areas in automap Level
Invulnerability Invulnerability artifact %# Colormap 32 ("negative") Immunity to damage 30 seconds
Light amplification visor %# Colormap 1 Full-bright vision 2 minutes
Megasphere2 Mega sphere %# 200% health & armor (1/2 protection)
Partial invisibility Blur artifact %# Semi-invisibility (like on spectres) 1 minute
Radiation shielding suit Radiation suit # Palette 13 (greenish) Protects from damaging floors 1 minute


Ammunition, keys, and weapons are also items the player may pick up. Only a general description is given below, as they are best described in their corresponding sections.

In Doom 2016, you can find items called Collectibles. They are small action figures/figurines that give you access to some of Doom 2016's character models. go to the page for more info.

Item type Notes
Ammo The status bar shows a running count of each of the four ammo types: bullets, shells, rockets, and cell energy. This current count applies until end of the level set being played.
Keys The red, yellow and blue keycards and the red, yellow and blue skull keys are used to open locked doors or activate locked switches. Keys are retained until end of the level where they are obtained.
Weapons Once acquired, weapons are retained until end of the level set. Weapons do require the appropriate ammo to be of any use, unless they do not require any ammunition (such as the fist or the chainsaw).

Doom RPG[]

Doom RPG includes many of the items from the original Doom, and additionally the following unique items:

Doom II RPG[]

Doom II RPG adds even more unique items (mainly weapons):

  • Assault Rifle
  • Scoped Assault Rifle
  • Holy Water Pistol
  • Soul Cube
  • Toilets

Items the player can purchase from vending machines littered throughout the game are not considered items by the game engine.

Other games[]







  • Yellow key
  • Green key
  • Blue key





Puzzle items[]

  • Clock Gear (Bronze And Steel)
  • Clock Gear (Bronze)
  • Clock Gear (Steel And Bronze)
  • Clock Gear (Steel)
  • Daemon Codex
  • Emerald Planet 1
  • Emerald Planet 2
  • Flame Mask
  • Heart of D'Sparil
  • Liber Oscura
  • Pedestal of D'Sparil
  • Ruby Planet
  • Sapphire Planet 1
  • Sapphire Planet 2
  • Yorick's Skull
  • Yorick's Statue





Item Flags Effect
Med Patch Boosts health 10% up to the current maximum which is dependent on the Stamina Stat.
Medical Kit Boosts health 25% up to the current maximum which is dependent on the Stamina Stat.
Surgery Kit Restores all health to the current maximum unless you are already fully healed.


Item Flags Effect
Leather Armor Boosts armor to 100% unless the current armor value is greater than or equal to 100%.
Metal Armor Boosts armor to 200% unless the current armor value is equal to 200%.


Power-up Flags Screen tint Effect Duration
Accuracy Upgrade Allows the player to increase his Accuracy Stat by 10. You are required to give the voucher to Feris to receive the upgrade. End of Game
Ammo Satchel Doubles ammo capacity. End of game
Environmental Suit Protects the user from toxic water and radiation, and gives total immunity to the Player's/Crusader's flamethrower. 80 seconds
Map Shows all of the map, like the Computer map in Doom. Only works on the level it was picked up in. Permanent for that level.
Scanner Shows position of all players, enemies, items, and obstacles on the map. It must be used in conjunction with the Map. 80 seconds
Shadow Armor Gives partial invisibility. 50 seconds
Stamina Implant Allows the player to increase his Stamina Stat by 10. You are required to give the voucher to Gerard to receive the upgrade. End of Game
Targeter Shows a pair of crosshairs that will cover a specific range of accuracy for your weapons, excluding the Sigil. 160 seconds
Teleporter Beacon When deployed will spawn friendly Front Soldiers in to attack hostile enemies. Until 6 rebels are spawned in.

Quest Items[]


  • Base Key (Front)
  • Blue Crystal Key
  • Blue ID Card
  • Brass Key
  • Chapel Key
  • Core Key
  • Factory Key
  • Gold ID Badge
  • Gold Key
  • Mauler Key
  • Mine Key
  • Oracle Key
  • Order Key
  • Red Crystal Key
  • Severed Hand
  • Silver Key
  • Travel Passcard
  • Warehouse Key