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"Uh... can I say that it is an honor, for me, personally, to meet you?"
― The Intern  [src]

The Intern is an unnamed employee working at the ARC Complex, and a supporting character in Doom Eternal and The Ancient Gods DLC. He is often depicted as one of the only few humans in the game that doesn't fear the Doom Slayer, as he appears as a fan of the protagonist.

Doom Eternal[]

Prior to the first Marauder encounter in Mission 6, the Doom Slayer enters the ARC Complex looking for the Crucible, where he encounters The Intern, who eagerly walks up to him and informing him that Samuel Hayden knew he would come eventually for the weapon. After the Slayer gained the Crucible, the Intern explains to him how it is an honor for him to meet him. However, he takes his attention away from where he is going and bumps into the railing by accident. Shortly after, when the Slayer finds the remains of Hayden, the Intern explains how the ARC couldn't revive Hayden as they could not gain access to his main cortex due to it being "alien." He then explains how they were preparing for Hayden's careful extraction with specific orders before the Slayer ripped Hayden's remains right out of the structure.

The Ancient Gods - Part One[]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.

The Intern appears again to aid the Doom Slayer, as the ARC assist the Slayer and Hayden in finding the Seraphim. Operating from the Mobile Command Carrier, the Intern activates the portal to send the Slayer to the UAC Atlantica Facility.

When the Slayer returns from the facility, the Intern interrupted the ARC Supervisor from speaking to the Slayer, as he explains to him that Samuel Hayden is the Seraphim and expressing his surprise that the being had been working with them all along. From this point onward, with Hayden/Seraphim incapacitated, the Intern acts as the Slayer's guide, speaking about his objectives throughout the Blood Swamps and The Holt.

After the Slayer destroyed The Father's Life Sphere and taking only the Dark Lord's essence, he returned to the Carrier with the Dark Lord's sphere and causing all ARC personnel except for the Intern to flee in terror. The Intern is the only ARC personnel who willingly remain to help the Slayer in his plan to revive the Dark Lord and then killing him further to destroy all the demons.

The Ancient Gods - Part Two[]

Following the resurrection of the Dark Lord, the Intern continues to help the Slayer in his journey to kill the Dark Lord and guiding him to reach Hell's capital city of Immora. When the Slayer entered the World Spear to recover a Wraith Crystal, the Intern expressed his surprise that the massive crystalline object that penetrated the world of Argent D'Nur was a spaceship.

The Intern is last heard during the assault on Immora, telling the Slayer that he is approaching the Dark Lord's sanctum and warning that he is starting to lose communication with him before their connection is permanently cut off.


  • Hayden was you would come here for this...eventually. - The Intern's first meeting with the Doom Slayer.
  • I, ah, see that your mission objective states that you going to destroy the sphere, not retrieve it? That is not, sir, what Dr. Hayden...the, uh, the Seraphim has requested of us...uh, you.
  • Listen, whatever we do...I'm in. You want to wake the devil not so you can help the's so you can kill their leader once he's taken physical form...and that'll destroy all of them, for good...right?
  • Hello? Are you still here? Great! I have a message for you from Marty, Hugo, and all the hard working devs at Id Software - thanks for playing. Hell wouldn't be the same without you.