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The player fights one of the giant and intimidating Inquisitor robots in the Loremaster's Lab.


An Inquisitor glides gently to the ground on a rocket booster to confront the player.

The Manual describes Inquisitor like this: "Rumor has it that The Order's Loremaster is developing a deadly new mechanical menace. It's bigger, more dangerous, flies, shoots lasers out of its eyes - well, since no one has seen one, who knows? If you DO see one, panic."

The Inquisitor is the most powerful non-boss enemy in the game Strife. It is a gigantic bipedal robot which appears similar to many different varieties of popular mechs, and to an extent resembles a larger version of the Reaver. It has no visible head, except for a blocky structure where it would be. It is equipped with rocket boosters on its back and feet, allowing it to take flight temporarily to get over walls between it and the player. It is the only enemy in a Doom engine game that that can switch between walking and flying.

The Inquisitors are extremely well armored, with 1000 Hit Points, and equipped with a grenade launcher and a Mauler blaster in addition to their extreme mobility.

The Inquisitor only appears in the final third of the game. One appears in Factory: Manufacturing, two guard the Loremaster in his laboratory, and one also appears in the Entity's spaceship wreck at the end of the game. And an additional three in the secret new Factory: Production added in the The Original Strife: Veteran Edition in 2014.