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Inferno 2 Is A Fan Made WAD By JK888 Released On February 1st 2023 Which WAD Made By Otar Dursunov (YouTuber: John Koshtaria/JK888) story tells As Aftermath of Original Inferno From the Ultimate Doom And Yet Compare for every Maps Sets are 33.


After You Teleported near on the Place of Baphomet's Pentagram City In Hell When you Killed Spider Mastermind For the Last time And you Able to prepare your New Hellish Journey and New Final Boss Named Overlord responsible of the Evil Terror of Mass Destruction depsite this His Death was went of Roar in Agony as their Invasion was Done Over by Now.

Custom Contents[]

most of JK888 Raises the Decorated Monsters Between Spirit Imp An Imp Creature like Ghost that will Die and Revive any Other Monsters When going Inside to Fight back Including Next Is Arachnobaron A Creature like Hybrid of Baron of Hell and Arachnotron while throwing 3 Green Fireball Objects to The First of Boss Is Demolisher A Hybridnated Female Monster with Dual Chaingun and BFG Cannon from the Map 05 With Some more Is Hades Sphere which that will Blow On 3 Seconds than Less and the Final Boss Is Overlord A Ball Creature with Multiple Arms and That can vomit Energy Ball and Electronical Demonic Superpower.


Map 01: Entrygates

Map 02: Onivery

Map 03: Technical Outskirts

Map 04: Isolation Refinery

Map 05: Arachne's Dungeon

Map 06: Toxin Inquisitory

Map 07: Chambers of Mystery

Map 08: Camouflague Palace

Map 09: Deimos Intervene

Map 10: Orphan Oil Sector

Map 11: Lava Railway

Map 12: Orion's Dead Lab

Map 13: Outside of Sattelites

Map 14: Mental Isolation

Map 15: Nedless Paradise

Map 16: Second Instinct

Map 17: Crixus Anomaly

Map 18: Phobos Intervene

Map 19: Examination of Orbin

Map 20: Enter of Overlord's Gate

Map 21: Former Secret Cave

Map 22: Toxin Ignoraimus

Map 23: Fellow Rivalry

Map 24: Operation Deus Vult

Map 25: Tyrannical Lab

Map 26: The Golden Stocks

Map 27: Entrails Of Sactums

Map 28: Phobos Disposal

Map 29: Final Judgement

Map 30: New Incarnate


Map 31: Austerlitz

Map 32: Eisenwald Section

Map 33: Accelerant Museum


Title Screen - (TNT Evilution Intermission/Map 31)

Map 01 (Freedoom Phase 2 v.09 OST Map 14)

Map 02 (Freedoom Phase 2 v.09 OST Map 25)

Map 03 (Freedoom Phase 1 - 2 OST E2M5/Map 01)

Map 04 (Drilling By Night From Back to the Saturn X)

Map 05 (Crush By Pendelum Sequenced By James Padddock)

Map 06 (Whispers of Satan OST Map 11 Cyberfunk)

Map 07 (Space Jiggle By Stuart Rynn)

Map 08 (Freedoom Phase 2 v.0.10.1 OST Map 04)

Map 09 (Kitchen ace From the Ultimate Doom)

Map 10 (Toejazz By Stuart Rynn)

Map 11 (The Long Road By Lola Harvey From Freedoom Phase 1)

Map 12 (Quad Machine From Quake 2 MIDI Version)

Map 13 (Industrial Impact By Pcorf from Whispers of Satan Map 07)

Map 14 (Untitled from Doom E2M9/E3M1)

Map 15 (Vase by Stuart Rynn)

Map 16 (Dark Underworld by Lola Harvey From Freedoom Phase 2)

Map 17 (Depth Charge by Stuart Rynn)

Map 18 (Ninja Gaiden Act 2 Part 2)

Map 19 (Other side of the Moon by Stuart Rynn)

Map 20 (Freedoom Phase 1 v.0.10.1 OST E3M9)

Map 21 (They're Going to Get you From The Ultimate Doom)

Map 22 (Freedoom v.09 Phase 2 OST Map 18)

Map 23 (A 2002 Doom Odyssey E3M4 - The Skull of the Revenant)

Map 24 (Death's Toll By Stuart Rynn From Plutonia MIDI Pack)

Map 25 (Nobody Told Me About ID From the Ultimate Doom OST E2M8)

Map 26 (Depth Charge by Stuart Rynn Similar to Map 17)

Map 27 (Freedoom Phase 2 v.09 OST Map 03)

Map 28 (A 2002 Doom Odyssey E1M3)

Map 29 (Ex Nihilo By Dark Tranquility From Hellbound)

Map 30 (Sign of Evil From the Doom E1M8)

Map 31 (Sewers By Blastfrog From Former Freedoom v.0.11.1 E1M7)

Map 32 (Ninja Gaiden Act 1)

Map 33 (Ultimate Challenge From Doom 2)

Intermission Screen (Freedoom Phase 2 v.0.10.1 OST Map 21)

Text Screen (Soulsweeper By Trial.D & Cammy From TNT MIDI Pack)