The Imp is a large humanoid creature spawned from the depths of Hell who originally appeared in Doom (1993) and has been in every Doom game since.

The imps are the first infernal monster found in the relaunch of Doom (2016).

In-Game Description


These Ferocious and agile demons are found all over Hell, and are often used on the front line in concerted attack in either dimension. The revel in battle, feeding off their victims, when the hunger takes them.


Despite their low status among the demon ranks and their seemingly endless number, Imps have unique characteristics in battle. Some prefer fighting from an elevated position, while others will rush their target and swipe at them with razor sharp claws. Walls and obstacles offer no defense against Imps as they will leap great heights and easily hang from surfaces. The Imp is capable of channeling Hell energy through its hands and shaping it into a projectile. As the Imp Channels the energy, airborn particles and debris are sucked into the maelstron to create a condensed, superheated fireball. The mechanics of the Imp's ranged attacks suggest that they are actually a lower form of the Summoner.


The imps appears to be taller than in the classic series and are similar in stature and acrobatic skills to imps in Doom 3. They appear to be about the same size and overall body shape and have similar movements as an adult human, although they also quite frequently crouch and keep their heads low in a bid to evade the player's gunfire, which makes them appear shorter. Like it's incarnation in Doom 3, these imps also emit high pitch screeches.

Combat Analysis

Imps are agile enemies that will use the environment to their advantage by climbing up and down ledges and jumping over gaps. They will often try to stay at a medium distance from the player and throw fireballs at them but if approached they will swipe at the player with their claws then usually try to build a distance from the player again. The fireball can also be charged to deal more damage but will leave the Imp immobile for a short time.

Tactical Analysis

Imps are relatively weak enemies and can be killed easily by almost any weapon. Headshots from the Heavy Assault Rifle can easily dispense them from a distance, and the Plasma Rifle is helpful at close range. Although their fireballs fly faster than in classic Doom, they also take more time to prepare, and an observant player can tell when they're winding up or about to throw and be able to dodge. The challenge, of course, is during a firefight when Imps may be throwing fireballs at the player from behind or otherwise where the player cannot see them coming, especially as is often the case when the player is having to fight other tougher demons at the same time. On Nightmare difficulty, they can do a large amount of damage.

Behind the scenes

  • The 2016 Imp looks somewhere between the Doom 3 imp's appearance and mannerisms (one of the few enemies to do so), with some aspects of the original Doom's version (horns and coloring), the Eternal version brings even more details from the original version (with even more horns sticking out of the back and shoulders).
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