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id Super Pack was a package on Steam containing all classic id Software titles available on the PC. It was sold for $69.99, 69,99€, or £39.99 depending on the user's current location. It was a superset of Doom Pack Complete.

Included Doom or Doom-engine games[]

Other games included[]

Noticeable omissions include Heretic II and Hexen II: Portal of Praevus, both of which were developed and published without involvement from id Software; Wolfenstein (the sequel to Return to Castle Wolfenstein); Netpack I: Extremities for Quake II, which was an official compilation of fan content; Commander Keen 6, which was published by FormGen; and Keen Dreams, which was developed for Softdisk. Apart from Wolfenstein, which is sold separately on Steam, and Heretic II, which is still (as of September 2013) available from Amazon (at least from Amazon UK), none of the above are legally available (except possibly second-hand, in which case good luck trying to install them on a modern computer).

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