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An open id Anthology box, showing its contents.

The id Anthology is a collection released in 1996 by id Software of all the games they had made up until that time. It not only includes all of the Doom games prior to Doom 3, but also Quake, Wolfenstein 3D and every game in the Commander Keen series. However, it does not contain Heretic or Hexen, developed by Raven Software with assitance from id. In total there are 19 games contained on four CDs.

The anthology is particularly prized by collectors, as it contains not only the games, but various collectible items. These are:

  • The Book of id, a book that details the history of id Software.
  • A poster
  • An id Anthology phone card.
  • Two dog tags with the id logo and the id Anthology logo
  • A pewter Cyberdemon miniature.
  • A black t-shirt with the id Anthology logo.
  • The Doom comic.

The id Anthology is often found for sale on eBay, where it can reach hundreds of dollars in price. The value increases if the collection is complete; often, some or all of the collectible items are missing.

Only 10,000 copies of the id Anthology were sold.

Alternate version[]

There exist two versions of the Anthology. There are no obvious differences in packaging, but the rarer version contains different TNT.WAD and PLUTONIA.WAD where some bugs have been fixed, among a few other minor changes.