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The title screen.

The credits screen.

The main menu brought up at the beginning of MAP01: Shuttlecraft, showing the megawad's custom menu design and status bar.

Icarus: Alien Vanguard is a 32-level megawad released on March 21st, 1996 by TeamTNT. When TNT: Evilution, originally intended to be a freeware release, was picked up for publishing by id Software (in what would become Final Doom), Icarus was developed to take its place. The central theme revolves around the exploration cruiser, Icarus, and takes the player through various planets, portions of the ship, and deadly simulation programs.

The soundtrack team for this megawad was known as MusIcarus and comprised of the following members: Brian Kidby (coordinator), Jeremy Doyle, Jonathan El-Bizri, Charles Li, David Shaw, and Tom Mustaine.


The exits to each level all require a red key to access, and are marked with a sign declaring what type of level the following level will be. The type of levels they are will be listed in parentheses.

Secret levels:

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