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ID multiverse timelines[]


  • Doom Eternal appears to pull in even more materials into the ID multiverse timelines including Flynn Taggart from the Doom Novels. Presumably to be considered a separate character to that of the Doom Slayer (and yet another Doom/Doom II survivor). Hiro Myamoto from Daikataina is mentioned as well. More Dopefish, U-Nat-Co (Deus Ex), Von Braun (System Shock), Mesa (Half-Life), Vault Dwellers (Fallout), Rage, Spear of Destiny, Prey, Strogg (Quake 2/4), Liandri (Unreal), etc.
  • Quake games mention random dates including 201, 2025, 2001, 2 million A.D., in an aeon or two, 1 million BC, 1999, 1776, 1492, 1066, 1984.
  • Tom Hall has said that Doom Guy is a Blazkowicz. Either the grandson of Commander Keen, or many generations removed. So either it could fit onto the 21st century dates of SNES Doom timeline or 22nd century as in Doom 3/Doom RPG timeframes.