Map of Traductus' Tomb

Traductus' Tomb is one of the three stops you have to make in Hexen, in Hub 5: Necropolis. If you are the Cleric, you will be able to assemble the three pieces of the Wraithverge here.



You start at the south end of the map, in a dark tunnel. This cavern will open as you proceed north, leading to a cavern with up to eight brown chaos serpents.

The other exit of the cavern is a corridor, with four alcoves hiding dark bishops. If you're paying as the cleric and don't yet have Wraithverge, you will need to explore these alcoves for secrets. The first secret is in the first alcove on the right, where using the north wall will open to a side room with a wraithverge piece and two quartz flasks. The other secret is the second alcove on the left, where you can walk through the stained glass window for another piece and four quartz flasks.

The end of the corridor is a lift that brings you down to the main tomb - a triangular section where Dark Bishops attack from long range. In the north, head through the door. This room has three switches, where the left and right open optional sections on the map, and the center opens the main tomb.


When you pull the middle switch, the doors to the middle section will lower, and Traductus will be raised from his location. He will initially face north, allowing for a first strike if you attack from the south when he activates.

Traductus uses the Wrathverge, which fires a projectile that splits into four ghosts that track the player. The ghosts can only be dodged by moving quickly over long distances, or by using the Disc of Repulsion to reflect them back to Traductus.

When Traductus is defeated, the Holy Relic becomes available. If you want to return, the elevator to the south should be active by the end of the fight, and if not, only requires waiting up to 30 seconds from the start of said battle.

Western section

The western side passage leads to a darkened staircase, with a few dark bishops initially visible. It leads to a spiral staircase starting on the right, and doubling on itself. The stairs lead to a Falcon Shield, but approaching it opens the side alcoves on the stairs to release additional Dark Bishops, as well as a barrier between the inner and outer staircases.

If you want to avoid the trap, you can walk along the edge between the two staircases. However, the alcoves do contain a few quartz flasks and crystal vials.

Eastern section

The eastern side passage leads to a chamber mostly guarded by Ettins. As you proceed through the chamber, you should find an Icon of the Defender.


Any Player Class

MonstersSkill 1-2Skill 3Skill 4-5
Brown Chaos Serpent468
Dark Bishop405056
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