Map of the Dark Citadel

The final map. There isn't anything much that can be said about it. It's a flat arena. However, what is interesting about this arena is the fact that the floor decoration matches the shape of the Disc of Repulsion

Three waves of enemies will teleport in before one of the Death Kings appears. The cycle repeats until all three Death Kings are dead. Ammo, health and artifacts will be teleported in at each stage to assist you.

Once the final Death King is dead, a portal will appear behind where the second one came from. You've completed the game.


Screen 1

once again you find yourself in the great hall of the chaos sphere, as if no time had passed from when last you moved among these shadows.

but something is eerily different, a silence where once had been soft whispers, a sense of being watched by hidden eyes...

...eyes which shield a malefic intent.

Screen 2

once before you grasped the chaos sphere, held it within trembling hands. now your hands tremble with something more than avarice, and dread meshes with the hunger for power.

if even the power of the sphere is not enough to protect you from the forces of darkness, perhaps it is better left untouched, its promise left unkept.

but then, you never were one to back down from a challenge...

Screen 3

...and other players await. (As with the ending screen for the last episode of Heretic, the epilogue text leaves open the possibility of the protagonist to have further adventures, and we never find out if the protagonist ever gets home.)

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