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Map of Sacred Grove

Sacred Grove is the secret map from the second hub of Hexen, Shadow Wood. It is accessible via a second portal on the Shadow Wood map, which is unlocked once the puzzle has been solved.

The strategy is very simple. Kill the ettins as fast as possible.

After about 50 seconds and then every 10 seconds after that, additional ettins will teleport in. If the number exceeds 20 (the game prints a message saying how many are present each time it teleports more in), a message will display saying "you've waited for too long, now you die". At which point the ettins spawning in are replaced by chaos serpents that spawn in repeatedly and the exit will be sealed off. Slaying all the ettins after this point will do nothing.

If you sucessfully slay all the ettins in time, a handful of powerups will spawn and steps will lower downwards towards the post in the centre, revealing a switch. This switch gives the message "a door opened on the Forsaken Outpost", which is a map from Hub 4. If you crossed the linedef at the mouth of the exit cave on Bright Crucible, the switch opens a door making the secret map (Desolate Garden) of that episode available.


Centre post revealing the switch


  • There are 3 Mystic Urns hidden in the walls of this map. Walk through the vines to the north, east, and west to find them.


Any Player Class[]

Monsters Skill 1-2 Skill 3 Skill 4-5
Ettin 6 8 12