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As long as you play doom, you earn skins, and each have a different design and rarity, and players want to earn them, so know, we are going to show how to get them!

1.Crimson Slayer

Crimson Slayer

This slayer skin can be earned on the mission "Sentinel Prime" just killing the boss named Gladiator.

2.Ember Slayer

Ember Slayer

One of the best doom skins ever, pretty like a clone of golden bounty lord but better, you can get it by reaching level 10 in series 1, if the series is not appearing, just wait, because players can still have opportunities to get it.

3.Golden bounty lord

Golden Bounty Lord

This skin is similar to ember, but harder to get, this skin can be earned by completing horde mode in nightmare, good luck with that.

4.Aurum Slayer


This skin is the hardest to get, because you need to complete The Ancient Gods 1 in ultra nightmare, wich is painful, because, one death, you're dead.

5.Skullface Slayer


Skullface slayer can be earned by completing The Ancient Gods 2 in ultra nightmare, but its not that easy because you have to fight a boss.

6.Gold Slayer