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You need a program called Loop Auditioneer. Loop Auditioneer is a program that can help loop wave files in ZDoom Or Skulltag.

How to Use[]

  • First you need Audacity In order to convert it to wave file Download link here[1]
  • go to the download link here to download Loop Auditioneer. [2]
  • once you downloaded it. Extract it anywhere you want
  • go to the folder and open it
  • go to the bin folder
  • open LoopAuditioneer
  • Once you Opened the program. Go to File then choose folder (Ctrl+F for short)
  • Make sure that your audio files are WAVE and NOT MP3 or any other files
  • Once you click on choose folder. find the folder that it has wave file.
  • Now go to Audacity.
  • Open your audio file you want to loop (or CTRL+SHIFT+I for importing audio)
  • once your file is looped correctly (or perfectly). go down and go to audio position.
  • click on audio position and choose samples.
  • You need the samples in order to put the loop point for Loop Auditioneer.
  • Once your finished with looping your audio. Click on File and then Export... (NOT Export Selection) .
  • Save type as WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM.
  • once you have done that. a Metadata tag Editor will open.
  • Once the Metadata tag has opened. click on Clear to clear the metadata (IF YOU DON'T CLICK ON CLEAR YOU WILL MESS UP YOUR AUDIO).
  • DONT CLOSE AUDACITY (If You want to loop you music dont close it because you have the loop points in there)
  • Now go to Loop Auditioneer and Find the wave File you export it.
  • Double Click on your wave file music
  • Go to tools and then New Loop.
  • Go in Loop start and type in where your loop starts.
  • Go in Loop end and type in where your loop ends. (Also your loop points are found in audacity IF you didn't close the program)
  • Once your done typing your loop points. go to file and save as and then save your music where ever you want. (AND Make Sure at the end of your song's name type (LP) so you can know that your song loops.
  • Go to SlumpEd (download link [3])
  • Add a new wad.
  • Then go to Lump and then New From File
  • go find your music that you looped it.
  • Once you've opened your music file Right-Click on your music (If You want to Rename it) That You Want To Rename It.
  • Once You Have Finished Renaming It. Close it.
  • If it asks you that you want to save your file. Save it where ever you want and Name Your .wad File.
  • Now your finished. Just put the wad in your ZDoom/Skulltag file.
  • The Final Step is Just Go to the Console Command and Type in Changemus <your music name>.