An Imp being sprayed with Holy Water.

D2RPG Holy Water Pistol Pick Up.jpg

A weapon in Doom II RPG. Sprays holy water at Hellspawn, can also be drunk for 25 health. This action causes all the Hellspawn except the Zombie class to back off in fear, preventing the player from being surrounded by most enemies.


A very overpowered weapon if used in the correct way, by camping at a water source nearby, the player can continuously repel and kill all nearby Hellspawns without having to change locations. The only disadvantage of this method is that drinking Holy water will not cause the Zombie class enemies to back off in fear. However, this disadvantage can be easily negated as they can be easily killed by the Chainsaw in one shot. This method saves the ammo of other weapons if the player insists on using the Holy water pistol.

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