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The Hologram is a handheld device that, when thrown, will display a hologram of the Doom Slayer. It is first acquired in the level Argent Energy Tower. It is an equipment item, and recharges after use.


This ancient piece of tech is as effective today as it was when first invented in the early 21st century. The Holocaster discharges an invisible cloud of ionized Argon, which a camera then uses to projects an image through. The refracted light creates a "holographic" effect above the device. The decoy image has a broad color spectrum, and can be quite convincing. The device was first theorized by popular culture media of the late 20th century. - Decoded Entry

Tactical Analysis[]

When activated, the Hologram will display a holographic image of the Doom Slayer armed with a Plasma Gun to distract enemies. However, whilst the hologram can fire the weapon to further illustrate its illusion, the weapon cannot damage enemies.


Since a distracted enemy will engage the Hologram even if the Slayer moves closer to them, it is particularly useful against enemies such as Pinkies and especially Possessed Security, as the latter will point their shield at the decoy.

When used with the Equipment Power Rune in effect, the decoy gains the ability to deal damage to enemies: in addition, the Rune makes Holograms last longer. When Mastered, the Hologram will not be destroyed if an enemy attacks it directly.

The Hologram is also usable in multiplayer in an attempt to fool enemy players. The hologram here functions slightly different from its singleplayer counterpart, as it will first run forward when activated while firing its weapon (still doing no actual damage, only being for aesthetics); it can then be controlled to stop running and stand still.


  • After an update, the Hologram now has the appearance of the Doom Slayer instead of a UAC soldier.