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All the music in Hexen was composed by Kevin Schilder.

Level Midi CD[1] Name Notes
Winnowing Hall winnowr 13 Winnowing Hall -
Seven Portals jachr 2 Jach Shares musical content with "Chapel 1".
Guardian of Ice simonr 22 Simon Shares musical content with "Chapel 2" (which is an unused track).
Guardian of Fire wutzitr 15 Wutzit Named from two song ideas: "Schwartz" and "Whatup". Shares musical content with "Chapel 3".
Guardian of Steel falconr 9 Falcon Shares musical content with "Chapel 4".
Bright Crucible levelr 21 Level Inspired by a song from the group Level 42.
Shadow Wood cryptr 8 Crypt An arrangement of "Swamp". Intended to be used in a level with the original title "Black Crypt Swamp".
Darkmere swampr 14 Swamp -
Caves of Circe deepr (20) Deep A reference to the caves and being underground.
Wastelands fubasr (6) Fubas Named from two song ideas: "Fugue" and "Basspuls".
Sacred Grove grover (5) Grove -
Hypostyle fortr (16) Fortress Originally intended for the Winnowing Hall level, but Kevin Schilder didn't like it there. Renamed to go to this level by its original title, "Fortress of Chaos".
Heresiarch's Seminary voidr (19) Void Slightly inspired by a bass line in "Escape from New York". Shares musical content with "Secret Chapel".
Dragon Chapel chap_1r 17 Chapel 1 An arrangement of "Jach", the music from Seven Portals.
Wolf Chapel secretr (14) Secret Chapel An arrangement of "Void", the music from Heresiarch's Seminary.
Griffin Chapel chap_3r (10) Chapel 3 An arrangement of "Wutzit", the music from Guardian of Fire.
Deathwind Chapel chap_4r 18 Chapel 4 An arrangement of "Falcon", the music from Guardian of Steel.
Orchard of Lamentations chippyr (22) Chippy Chippy was the name of a pet hamster Kevin Schilder had as a child.
Silent Refectory percr (21) Perc Named for the prominent use of percussion in this piece.
Forsaken Outpost foojar 20 Fooja "Fooled ya!", so named because the time signature changes at the beginning of the song.
Castle of Grief sixater 12 Sixate Named for the time signature of the piece, 6/8.
Gibbet wobabyr (15) Wobaby Originally intended for a level with the working name "Forest of Putrescence".
Effluvium cryptr 8 Crypt Same as Shadow Wood.
Dungeons fantar 19 Fantasy Named for the harp-like arpeggios at the beginning of the song.
Desolate Garden blechr 3 Blech The working title of the level this song was originally intended for was "Desert of Blech".
Necropolis bonesr 16 Bones A reference to the cemetery.
Zedek's Tomb octor 10 Octo Named for the octave leaps at the beginning.
Menelkir's Tomb rithmr 11 Rithm -
Traductus' Tomb stalkr (9) Stalker -
Vivarium borkr (17) Borkesis Named for three song ideas: "Boring" (Kevin's opinion of the song at the time), "Kev", and "Quinosis".
Dark Crucible crucibr (2) Crucible 2 An arrangement of "Level", the music for Bright Crucible.
Unused Song 1 chap_2r - Chapel 2 This song was for one of the maps that was cut out of Hexen at the last minute. The MAPINFO entry calls the map using this song "NADA". It is an arrangement of "Simon", the music from Guardian of Ice. It is used in Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel.
Unused Song 2 chartr - Chart Apparently for an older version of Shadow Wood which was removed from the game. Named from three song ideas: "Start", "Underdog", and "Chief".
Title Music hexen 4 Hexen -
Intermission Music hub (7) Hub -
Victory Music 1 hall 6(5)[2] Hall MIDI versions of this song start with the default piano sound rather than a choir sound because the MIDI instrument change to choir occurs after the first note begins.
Victory Music 2 orb 5 Orb -
Victory Music 3 chess 7(5)[2] Chess Also played when changing maps.


  1. CD track used when playing with CD audio enabled. Not all songs are available as CD audio, and many CD tracks are used twice to fill in for missing songs. Track numbers in parentheses indicate that the CD track doesn't match the MUS song. Track 1 on the CD is the game data.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Hall, Orb, and Chess are all available as CD music; however, when playing with CD audio, Orb (track 5) is used as the music for all three victory screens. The other two tracks are used elsewhere.

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