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Hexen Saturn

Hexen Saturn cover art.

Hexen was released by Probe Entertainment for the Sega Saturn on April 30, 1997. Probe Entertainment also released a version of Hexen for the Sony PlayStation. A port for the Nintendo 64 was also made, developed by Software Creations.

The Saturn port features all the levels, though some are heavily simplified. It runs at a somewhat higher and smoother frame rate than the PlayStation version and features hidden two-player cooperative/deathmatch options through a cheat code in the game. The monsters are drawn with front facing only graphics, and the gibbing death sequences, which are missing from the PlayStation port, are present.

Both the PlayStation and Saturn versions of Hexen feature slightly remixed versions of the CD music of the PC version and add intro and between hub cut scenes, the latter of which replace the between hub text screens hub of the PC original.

On the back of the booklets for Saturn games, there is usually license/trademark information. Interestingly, on the back of Hexen's booklet, some of the information is missing and instead reads "(Licensor/Distributor trademark, copyright, address and or Sega legal goes here)".