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Hexen 64

Hexen 64 packaging.

Hexen was released for the Nintendo 64 by Software Creations on May 31, 1997. Other console ports were developed by Probe Entertainment for the Sega Saturn and the Sony PlayStation.

Of the three console ports, the Nintendo 64 version of Hexen is considered the most accurate PC translation, as boasts the best graphic effects and the fastest and most fluid frame rate of the three home ports. Texture filtering effects, as common with Nintendo 64 titles, is used to prevent pixelation on monsters and wall textures when seen up close. The N64 port also has four-player cooperative and deathmatch options (split screen). However, if multiplayer is used, the game is forced into a low detail mode, lowering the overall graphics quality.

This port doesn't feature the full-motion video cut scenes added to the PlayStation and Saturn ports or the remixed PC CD-ROM version music, and instead contains the PC floppy-disc version's midi-based background music and new narrative introductions to every level which are displayed on the loading screens to tell the game's plot.