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All the music in Heretic was created by Kevin Schilder of Raven Software. As expected by the fantasy setting of the game compared to Doom's more science fiction setting, the music is a very different style to Doom's.

Heretic's soundtrack is more ambient and has different instruments with more drums and harps as well as what sounds like a choir singing various "ah" sounds in fluid rhythm.

Track name Levels Lump Notes
E1M1, E3M1, E4M6 MUS_E1M1
E1M2, E3M6, E4M2 MUS_E1M2
E1M3, E3M5, E4M3 MUS_E1M3
E1M4, E2M5, E4M4, E5M5 MUS_E1M4
E1M5, E3M7, E4M5 MUS_E1M5
E1M6, E3M4, E4M1, E6M3 MUS_E1M6
E1M7, E4M7 MUS_E1M7
E1M8, E4M8 MUS_E1M8
E1M9, E3M8, E4M9 MUS_E1M9
E2M1, E5M1 MUS_E2M1
E2M2, E5M2 MUS_E2M2
E2M3, E5M3 MUS_E2M3 Kevin Schilder's original title for this track was "Bluroc"[1]
E2M4, E5M4 MUS_E2M4
E2M6, E3M9, E5M6 MUS_E2M6
E2M7, E5M7 MUS_E2M7
E2M8, E5M8 MUS_E2M8
E2M9, E5M9 MUS_E2M9
E3M2, E6M1 MUS_E3M2
E3M3, E6M2 MUS_E3M3
Title music MUS_TITL
Intermission music MUS_INTR
Victory music MUS_CPTD

Heretic full soundtrack[]


Heretic full soundtrack

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