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Heretic Treasure Chest is a 3-episode megawad released in March 2010, created by as an attempt at doing the Heretic equivalent of the Community Chest series.

The idea of the project was Torn's, though Ler and Vermil ran the project.

The original plan was to do a full 5 episodes for Heretic SOTSR, however because the number of maps submitted declined after enough for 3 episodes had been done, the project was reduced to 3.

Vermil organized the map order and balanced and tweaked the completed maps to be as playable as possible, as episodes.


Episode 1[]

  • E1M1: Open Canyon by Alterworldruler
  • E1M2: Random Tomb Map by Kaiser Wilhelm
  • E1M3: Vigilant Outpost by Snarboo
  • E1M4: Town Of Witchcraft by Kaiser
  • E1M5: Temple of D'Sparil by Ler
  • E1M6: Last Aqueduct by Ler
  • E1M7: Necrosis by CodenniumRed
  • E1M8: Citta Dei Morti Viventi by TV
  • E1M9: omgekeerd by Lord Z

Episode 2[]

  • E2M1: A Sacred Place by Magic Sofa
  • E2M2: Lucifer's Spell by Pcorf
  • E2M3: Cardinal Points by Ismaele
  • E2M4: Cold Feet by Lord Z
  • E2M5: Necropolis by Ultimate Doomer
  • E2M6: Veneficus Arx by Torn
  • E2M7: Sky Gateway by Lupinx Kassman and Vermil
  • E2M8: Hell's Maw by Rf
  • E2M9: The Temple Of The Elements by Fenris Wolf

Episode 3[]

  • E3M1: The Docks by Sp_d00d
  • E3M2: Shadow of the Heretic by Lorenzo
  • E3M3: Cloister by Dreadopp
  • E3M4: Discipline by Magic Sofa
  • E3M5: Mountain of Fire by Daimon
  • E3M6: Chequer Temple by Mivalekan
  • E3M7: Shrine of the Serpent by Tatsurd-Cacocaco
  • E3M8: Earthquake by Dreadopp
  • E3M9: Man On The Edge by Daimon

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