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Henry Q. Nelson (Identification Number: 7977-87) was a plant manager assigned to Sector 4 of the Alpha Labs on Mars. He reported that himself and his employees were hearing strange sounds and voices the month before the demon invasion.

PDA Contents[]

Audio Logs[]

Strange Voices...[]

This is the audio log of plant manager Henry Nelson, dated October 24th, 2145.

I don't know how I should report this, so I'll just talk about what I know and what I need. I've had quite a few employees reporting to me that they've heard strange sounds, like voices talking to them, calling them, even when they were alone. At first I didn't believe them. The guys down here like to kid around, but they assured me they were serious. I ignored the stories at first... until one day, I heard something too. I was working on one of the lift-up service panels and I distinctly heard the voice of someone saying, 'Over here'. I quickly turned to see who was there but the passage was completely empty. I looked around but I didn't see another soul. I even checked the work logs and no one else was working near that area. I don't want to sound crazy here, but my guys and myself are a little spooked and some of the guys are even talking about ghosts. So, to make everyone, including myself, feel a little more comfortable, I'd like to request that a security team make a thorough check of the EFR area.

Thank you. Henry Nelson.


Strange Voices (10-24-2145)[]


I haven't slept in three days and can't concentrate on work. Ever since Hal's 'accident' everyone's been pretty freaked out. I really thought the guys saying they heard voices were full of shit, but lately I've been hearing them too. I don't know how UAC expects us to work like this.


Missing tools (11-13-2145)[]


The tools in storage cabinet 064 were missing again today. I'm going to change the combination to 651 this afternoon. Please do me a favor and don't tell Seneca the new combination. I believe he's the one taking my tools all the time...the guy thinks he's a real riot.