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The Helltime Hunter is the first of the three hunters and the first boss in Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. After being tasked by the Maledict to hunt down the Artifact, the Helltime Hunter is the first enemy who confronts the marine and is encountered in front of a Hell portal near the excavations.


Like the other Hunters, the Hell Hunter resembles a Hell Knight but has red fleshy hands with three claws. It seems to be missing most of its lower half, with a flaming spiraling tornado-like formation seeming to replace its legs. It has fireballs rotating around the tornado and what seems to be a pelvis bone can be seen inside it.

Combat Characteristics[]

The Helltime Hunter can move from one part of the area to another using short bursts of incredible speed. The Helltime Hunter creates an orange sphere in front of itself and then move extremely fast, appearing as if it "beams" from place to place; stripes will appear to announce the Hunter's direction. It attacks by throwing fireballs that do as much damage as those of an Imp, but should it get too close to the player, it can also scratch them with its large claws as well. The Helltime Hunter also has a special attack in which it hovers several fireballs into the air before hurling them all at once in a area of effect.

Tactical analysis[]

Unlike the other Hell Hunters, the Helltime Hunter cannot be harmed with any of the player's guns. The only way to damage the Helltime Hunter is to use the Grabber to catch the plasma balls that are launched from the Martian defense turrets and launch them at it. A turret will fire a plasma ball once every few seconds in an arc similar to a Hell Knight's fireball. This can be difficult, as the Helltime Hunter moves very fast, and the Grabber can only hold on to a plasma ball for a short amount of time. It takes 4-5 direct plasma ball hits to kill it. Its individual fireballs and slashes can be dodged by quickly moving to the side to avoid their splash damage. The fireball swarm can be dodged by sprint-running sideways.

After the player kills the Helltime Hunter, the Artifact will absorb its Helltime power and becomes usable. From then on, the player can use it to slow down time around them, allowing them to quickly move around and evade enemies and kill them before they can even turn around.