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Hell on Earth is the first level of Doom Eternal.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.

This mission kicks off the main campaign of Doom Eternal, as the Doom Slayer, having been informed of Deag Nilox's location by VEGA, teleports down to Earth and arrives inside the Hell Priest's Barge. After killing all the demons and zombies inside, the Slayer enters Deag Nilox's chamber and quickly kills the Hell Priest. Nilox's death causes the demonic consumption of Earth to slow.

The Slayer then leaves the Barge and fights his way across a ruined city, somewhere in the "quarantine zone near the San Andreas chasm," i.e., California. Eventually, he arrives at the Citadel of Hell where the other two Hell Priests, Deag Grav and Deag Ranak, have gathered. He confronts the two Priests and shows them the severed head of Nilox. The Priests, though horrified by the sight, tell the Slayer that nothing has changed and that the Argent Energy flow will soon be restored, made from the souls of the non-believers on Earth. The Slayer threatens them with the Combat Shotgun, and Grav and Ranak teleport away.

The Khan Maykr herself then appears before the Slayer, in the form of a hologram. She warns him not to interfere any further, as this is humanity's time to repent and pledge themselves to the Maykrs. VEGA opens an exit portal and the Doom Slayer, ignoring the Khan Maykr's warning, leaves through the portal, returning to the Fortress of Doom.



Type Name Count
Fodder [1] Zombie 71
Soldier (Blaster) 9
Imp 67
Heavy Cacodemon 8
Arachnotron 7
Ambient Tentacle 4
  1. Sometimes fodder enemies respawn until the heavy demons are taken down.


New Weapons[]

  • Doomblade - The game's starting weapon; already available at the start of the level.
  • Combat Shotgun - The game's starting weapon; already available at the start of the level.
  • Chainsaw - Found in the third room of the Hell Priest Barge.
  • Heavy Cannon - Located near the gate above the gorge, closeby to the automap.
  • Frag Grenade - Found in the middle of the level in a train car.


Name Count
Health Vial 31
Medkit (small) 4
Medkit (large) 10
Armor Shards 9
Armor (small) 4
Armor (large) 2
Shells 33
Bullets 17
Fuel 5
Barrels 11


Upgrade Type Location
Modbot In one of the first few rooms - a part of the tutorial.
Modbot In the first partially destroyed building after exiting Deag Nilox's chamber and entering the city section of the level.
Modbot In the opening room of the subway.


  • Toys
    • Zombie (Earth) - Behind a set of iron bars next to the chainsaw, a breakable wall to the left of where the chainsaw was can be broken to reach it.
    • Doom Slayer - After breaking through a breakable wall near the second ModBot, jump up onto the ledge above you. Cross the gap in the floor to reach a small alcove that contains this toy.
    • Imp - Climb up onto the large pile of debris in front of the buildings with the signs 'SCOTT' and 'ShuZ', and walk across until you can jump over to the ledge above the 'ShuZ' sign. Ahead and to your left there is a breakable wall, behind which is a hole you can fall down into, into a small area that contains the toy.
  • Codex Pages
    • Hell Barges - Directly in front of you after the first enemy arena.
    • Remaining Human Populations - Part I - Directly in front of you after exiting Deag Nilox's chamber and entering the city section.
    • Remaining Human Populations - Part II - On the second-floor of the shop labeled 'SCOTT' there is a large gap in the floor. Double-jump across the gap to the room where this codex page is located.
    • Formation of the ARC - At the very end of the subway train tunnel.
    • Hell Priests - When you first enter the Citadel of Hell, you will see this page behind a gate. Walk around to the other side where the elevator is located to collect it.
    • Deag Nilox - Found on the right-hand side of the same area in the Citadel of Hell.
  • Cheat Codes
    • #1 - Infinite Extra Lives - Climbing up on a box and into a vent in the subway area will lead you to this cheat code.

Extra Lives[]

Hell on Earth contains four extra lives.

  • One is found in the area below the Remaining Human Populations - Part II codex page.
  • The second is found behind a breakable wall, in a parking area before the first climable wall.
  • The second floor balcony of the mall arena has an open elevator shaft door, jumping down the open vent will allow you to access the extra life inside the elevator.
  • Towards the end of the city section of the level there is a bus that can be climbed on, looking to the right you will see the extra life suspended in the air, above a pit.

Fast Travel Points[]

  • Barge
    • Hell Priest Barge
  • City
    • Midtown
    • Ravaged Cathedral
    • Downtown
    • Metro Station
  • Citadel
    • Citadel of Hell

Related Achievements[]

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Doomsday Doomsday Complete Hell on Earth 20 Bronze





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  • The ARC radio announcements following this level suggests it takes place in the "San Andreas chasm". This could be the San Andreas Fault, a major geologic fault line which runs through California from San Francisco to the Imperial Valley on the Mexican border, including metro Los Angeles, and which got widened into a chasm after the Hellish invasion. Burning and collapsing skyscrapers may be seen in the background, indicating it does take place near a major city. Consequently, while the level evidently takes place in a major urban area in California, it cannot be narrowed down further barring any other information.
  • The level title, Hell on Earth, is presumably a reference to Doom II, which is sometimes given the subtitle of "Hell on Earth".
  • The Subway Terminals resembles the ones in Washington, D.C.
  • A bit of culture may be gleaned from the neon signs. All the logos and signs are minimalist and feature brands unknown to those living in the present day (except UAC, of course), indicating that few current-day brands will apparently have survived to the mid-22nd century.

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