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Hell on Earth is the first level of Doom Eternal.


This mission kicks off the main campaign of Doom Eternal as the Doom Slayer, having been informed of Deag Nilox's location by VEGA, teleports down to Earth and arrives inside the Hell Priest's Barge. After killing all the demons and zombies inside, the Slayer enters Deag Nilox's chamber and quickly kills the Hell Priest. Nilox's death causes the demonic consumption of Earth to slow. The Slayer then leaves the Barge and fights his way across a ruined city, eventually arriving at the Citadel of Hell where the other two Hell Priests, Deag Grav and Deag Ranak, have gathered. He confronts the two Priests and shows them the severed head of Nilox. The Priests, though horrified by the sight, tell the Slayer that nothing has changed and that the Argent Energy flow will soon be restored, made from the souls of the non-believers on Earth. Grav and Ranak teleport away, and the Khan Maykr herself appears before the Slayer. She warns him not to interfere any further, as this is humanity's time to repent and pledge themselves to the Maykrs. VEGA opens an exit portal and the Doom Slayer, ignoring the Khan Maykr's warning, leaves.


Fast travel points

  • Barge
    • Hell Priest Barge
  • City
    • Midtown
    • Ravaged Cathedral
    • Downtown
    • Metro Station
  • Citadel
    • Citadel of Hell

Related achievements

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Doomsday.png Doomsday Complete Hell On Earth 20 Bronze





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  • The overview map in the Fortress of Doom suggests that this level takes place in North America.
  • The ARC radio announcements following this level suggests it takes place in San Andreas Chasm in California.

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