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Hell Revealed is a 32-level megawad for Doom II. It is possibly the best known example of an ultra-hard WAD, and has received the most attention by speedrunners of any PWAD. Hell Revealed was created by Yonatan Donner and Haggay Niv and released in May 1997.

It has a sequel, Hell Revealed II, which was released in late 2003.


You wake up with a pistol in your hand, 50 bullets and suddenly you appear to have visible health and armor. Apparently you were sent into an invaded lab experimenting in jumpgates by two mad WAD creators. Your mission is to go through the jumpgate and find out what your mission is, and, in addition, to finish all levels and send a letter of complaint to the madmen who sent you here.

To read the rest of the incredible Hell Revealed story, send $500 to us, or, alternatively, enter a nuthouse.

This is Doom, man - just go in there and kill em all!



Hell Revealed is contained in a zip file called It is 2322399 bytes in size and contains 4 files:

Size Name
7027154 HR.WAD
519357 HRMUS.WAD
2551 HR.TXT

It has the following hashes:

MD5 d81f945e77985d14c1b03a6df27cf055
SHA-1 678c898a1fc8ded84e4eac8f6899d0cb4a036d56
CRC32 d299a6e4

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